Seasonal Changes in Physical Processes in Regions I-IV
       Region I
       Region II
       Region III
       Region IV
    Biological Provinces
       Phytoplankton  Provinces
       Zooplankton Provinces
       Invertebrate Benthos Provinces
       Marine Fish Provinces
       Bird Provinces
       El Nino Effects on Zoogeographic Boundaries
    Biophysical Interactions
       Overview of Biophysical Interactions
       Biophysical Interactions Involving Phytoplankton
       Biophysical Interactions Involving Zooplankton
       Biophysical Interactions Involving Benthic Invertebrates
       Biophysical Interactions Involving Marine Fish and Shellfish
       Biophysical Interactions Involving Bird Populations
       Summary of Biophysical Interactions-Hypothesis Formulation
    Historical Variability in the CCS
       The Last 100 Years
       The Last 1500 Years
    Global Eastern Boundary Currents
This section provides a detailed exposition of physical and biological aspects of the California Current ecosystem, building on information provided in Section III. Topics treated include seasonal variations in physical processes, zoogeographic boundaries, biophysical interactions, long-term variability as gleaned from paleoceanographic records, and a brief comparison of processes and species interactions in other eastern boundary current systems.