12th Annual PACLIM Workshop

The 12th annual PACLIM Workshop will be held May 2-5, 1995 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. The workshop considers multidisciplinary issues of climate variability from weather to geological time scales with a focus on the Pacific and western Americas. This yearŐs theme session will be "Interdecadal Climate Variability Over the Pacific and Western Americas." Tim Baumgartner and Dan Cayan have put together an exciting theme session with invited keynote speakers. Most of the first day (May 3) will be devoted to this theme, but the rest of the workshop will be devoted to contributed oral and poster presentations covering the many aspects of climate that have become the hallmark of PACLIM workshops.

The theme session will highlight:

The informal atmosphere that has prevailed in past workshops will be maintained. Students are encouraged to attend and present their research. Most oral presentations will be allotted approximately 20 minutes. Longer invited talks will be given in the special keynote theme session. Because there will not be sufficient time for everyone to give a talk, we ask you to consider the poster format for highlighting your research. To assure that each poster receives attention, time will be allotted for a 1-minute introduction for each poster.

Lodging and meals will be provided from funding by several sponsors. Limited travel funds may be available, but please don't ask for travel assistance unless you cannot pay your own travel. An $80 registration fee is required to help defray expenses for the workshop. Due to the constraints of lodging at the Asilomar Conference Center, a maximum of about 100 participants will be admitted, and you will be expected to share a room.

For further information on the theme session contact Tim Baumgartner (Phone: 619-534-2171; FAX: 619-534-7641; Internet: trbaumgartner@ucsd.edu) or Dan Cayan (Phone: 619-534-4507; FAX: 619-534-8561; Internet: cayan@seaaira.ucsd.edu), both at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA. For further information on registration contact Don Gautier, U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046, MS 934, Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225 (Phone: 303-236-5740; FAX: 303-236-8822; Internet: gautier@bpgsvr.cr.usgs.gov).

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