Meeting Announcement
Climate Change and Carrying Capacity
(CCCC) Workshop

April 19 - 20, 1995
Battelle Laboratory
Seattle, WA

Workshop Sponsor: U.S. GLOBEC, NSF, NOAA

Workshop Organizers: Anne B. Hollowed and Art Kendall

The Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics organization (GLOBEC International) and the international North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) approved an initial science plan for a multi-national research effort on Climate Change and the Carrying Capacity (CCCC) of the Sub-Arctic Pacific and coastal waters of the North Pacific and its adjacent seas. The PICES-GLOBEC, CCCC program hopes to implement programs to evaluate climate change effects on living marine systems during the next decade.

To develop the next stage of GLOBEC research related to the CCCC program, the U.S. GLOBEC program is sponsoring a two-day public workshop April 19-20 at Batelle Laboratory. The goal of this workshop will be to identify and discuss key scientific issues relevant to the CCCC program and to make recommendations for initial research activities. Interested participants are encouraged to contact the workshop organizers or Kay Goldberg of the U.S. GLOBEC Coordinating Office at the following addresses.

Anne B. Hollowed/Art Kendall			Kay Goldberg
Alaska Fisheries Science Center			U.S. GLOBEC SSC Coord. Office
7600 Sand Point Way NE				University of California, Berkeley
Seattle, WA 98115				Department of Integrative Biology
Phone: 206-526-4223				Berkeley, CA 94720
Internet:		Phone: 510-643-0877

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