Berkeley U.S. GLOBEC Web Site Goes Online

Of Course, You Already Know This, Since You Are Here Now!

After many delays, the U.S. GLOBEC WWW site at Berkeley has been established and is on-line. Using a web client (e.g., Mosaic, Netscape[my favorite]) access the following URL:

Since this site is only in its infancy, it will continue to undergo development. To begin, the site has general info on the U.S. GLOBEC program , complete hyper-text formatted versions of the most recent U.S. GLOBEC reports #8 (Optics Technology), #9 (Arabian Sea), #10 (Data Policy), and #11 (California Current Science Plan; complete except for Tables--which are a nightmare to format). Also online are html versions of U.S. GLOBEC NEWS #5 and #7. Minutes of past and agenda's of upcoming Scientific Steering Committee meetings are also available. As time permits in the coming months, we will attempt to "backfill" the WWW site with some of the older (but still relevant) reports (specifically #6 (Georges Bank IP) and #7 (EBC background document)), and Newsletters, and add forthcoming reports (Long Range Plan; Secondary Production Workshop; Open Ocean Workshop). Links to both the Southern Ocean GLOBEC site (at ODU) and the Georges Bank WWW site (now at WHOI--the one at MIT is out-of-date) are provided along with links to other Oceanographic Servers.

Eventually, but not in the near future, the complete U.S. GLOBEC mailing list may be added with a front-end searching engine, so that addresses can be obtained from your remote site.

Please visit our WWW site and provide comments/criticism or feedback to Hal Batchelder at Suggestions for additional info that should be available on-line are always welcome. Since we are new to this game, there may be times when the material is being updated and you cannot connect to the server--please try again an hour or so later.

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