GLOBEC Workshop on Acoustical Technology and the Integration of Acoustical and Optical Sampling Methods

Report Number 4

September 1991

Workshop Organizers

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Table of Contents

	Executive Summary
1.	Introduction
	 1.1	Background
		 a.	What is GLOBEC?
		 b.	Steering Committee Function and Objectives	
		 c.	The Role of New Measurement Technology
	 1.2	Objectives of the Workshop
	 1.3	Workshop Organization
2.	Fisheries Acoustics	
	 2.1   Scientific Context
	 2.2   Status of Instrumentation for Fisheries
		a.	Modifications to Existing Equipment
		b.	New Technology Needs
		c.	Experimental Study Needs
3	Macrozooplankton/Micronekton Acoustics
	3.1	Introduction
	3.2	Overview of Sonar Techniques
		 a.	One Beam per Frequency
		 b.	Multiple Beams per Frequency -- Target Strength Estimation Techniques
	3.3	Overview of Acoustic Sampling Methods
		 a.	Modes of Deployment
			  Ship-mounted or towed survey systems
			  Ship-based cast or tow-yo systems
			  Remotely deployed systems
	3.4	Recommendations for Sonar Design
		 a.	Acoustic Frequencies
		 b.	Sonar Resolution
		 c.	Survey System
		 d.	ROV, Profiling, and Towed Systems
		 e.	Free-Drifting Buoy and Bottom Mounted/Moored Systems
	3.5	Team Responsible for Acoustic Systems
	3.6	Format of Data/Data Management
	3.7	Other Systems	
		 a.	3-D Imaging Sonar
		 b.	Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
		 c.	Passive Localization
	3.8	Summary of Recommendations
4.	Small Zooplankton Acoustics
	 4.1	Introduction
	 4.2	Modes of Deployment
	 4.3	Priorities for Instrumentation Development
		a.	Priority 1
			 Procurement Considerations and Timing
			 Other considerations
		b.	Priority2
		c.	Priority3
	4.4	Development of Backscattering Models and Bioacoustical Instruments
5.	Acoustical and Optical Sensor Integration
	 5.1 Scientific Context
	 5.2 Working Group Deliberations
		a.	Distribution
		b.	Scale Linkage
		c.	Processes
		d.	Available Technology
	 5.3 Specific Recommendations
6.	Discussion on Education and Training
	 6.1	Human Resources Development in Bioacoustical Oceanography
7.	Summary and Recommendations

8.	Acknowledgements

9.	References and Bibliography

10.	Glossary of Terms

11.	Appendices
	 11.1	Appendix A - GLOBEC Steering Committee
	 11.2	Appendix B - Workshop Participants
	 11.3	Appendix C - Meeting Agenda