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Executive Summary

General Introduction

Physical Preliminaries - The Arabian Sea: A Monsoon-Driven Environment

Introduction Monsoon Systems Monsoon Variability Surface Layer Response Phytoplankton Response Thermohaline Circulation and Water Masses Fisheries of the Arabian Sea

Modelling Studies of Arabian Sea Physics

Zooplankton Ecology of the Arabian Sea

Introduction Zooplankton Biomass Zooplankton Species Composition Basin Scale Zooplankton Distributions Southwest coast of India and coast of Pakistan Somalia Region Central Arabian Sea Low Oxygen Zone and Zooplankton Distributions Problems of Sampling Zooplankton in Very Rough Seas

Fish Stocks in the Arabian Sea

Implementation Plans

Implementation Plan for an Add-On U.S. GLOBEC Study

Justification of Target Zooplankton Species Ichthyoplankton and Fish Studies Approaches Conclusion

Implementation Plan for a Full-Scale U.S. GLOBEC Study

Fish Stocks Mesozooplankton Approach Conclusion

Interaction with other Programs in the Region



Appendix A. Workshop Summary

Appendix B. Zooplankton Working Group Report

Introduction General Themes and Specific Scientific Questions Logistics Recommendations Survey Mode and Measurement Recommendations Extended Station Mode and Measurement Recommendations

Appendix C. Fish Working Group Report

General Themes and Specific Scientific Questions Equipment and Approach Recommendations Recommendations

Appendix D. Technology Working Group Report

Introduction Mesopelagic Fish Sampling Issues and Recommendations Plankton Sampling Issues and Recommendations Molecular and Biochemical Approaches to Arabian Sea Studies

Appendix E. Alternative Viewpoint for Myctophid Studies

Appendix F. Workshop Participants