Appendix C- Meeting Agenda

Acoustical Technology Workshop
Woods Hole, MA
April 2 - 4, 1991

Tuesday April 2
0900Welcome and LogisticsPeter Wiebe, Tim Stanton
0910GLOBEC Program OverviewEileen Hofmann
0945Atlantic ProjectMark Huntley
1020Pacific Project Mark Ohman
1120Antarctic ProjectMark Huntley
1135Arabian Sea ProjectSharon Smith
1315Fisheries AcousticsKen Foote
1355Mesopelagic Fish AcousticsCharles Greenlaw
1425Euphausiid AcousticsDoug Sameoto
1515Acoustics & Small ZooplanktonVan Holliday
1550Optical & Acoustical TechnologyAlex Herman
1640Organization of Working GroupsVan Holliday
1650- 1700Meeting of Working Group Chairmen

Wednesday, April 3

Working Group Discussions
Zooplankton Acoustics
Macrozooplankton/Micronekton Acoustics
Fisheries Acoustics
Acoustical/Optical Sensor Integration

Rick Pieper
Tim Stanton
Jim Traynor
Peter Ortner
1330-1700Working Group Discussions (continued)

Thursday, April 4
0800-0930Working Groups (finalize individual reports)
0930-1030Group Discussion: Educational and Training Opportunities in Bio-acoustical and Bio-optical OceanographyChuck Greene, Steve Brandt, Rudi Strickler
1030-1045Report of Working Group on Zooplankton Acoustics
1045-1100Report of Working Group on Macrozooplankton & Micronekton Acoustics
1100-1115Report of Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics
1115-1130Report of Working Group on Acoustical & Optical Sensor Integration