Appendix A - GLOBEC Steering Committee Members - April 1991

Charles H. Peterson, Chairman
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Institute of Marine Sciences
Morehead City, NC 28557
Phone: (919) 726-6841
Omnet/Telemail: C.PETERSON.UNC

James B. Eckman
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
P.O. Box 13687
Savannah, CA 31416
Phone: (912) 356-2467
Omnet/Telemail: J.ECKMAN

Dennis Hedgecock
Bodega Marine Laboratory
University of California, Davis
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay, CA 94923
Phone: (707) 875-2075
Omnet/Telemail: D.HEDGECOCK

Eileen B. Hofmann
Department of Oceanography
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529
Phone: (804) 683-5334
Omnet/Telemail: E.HOFMANN

D.V. Holliday
Tracor Applied Sciences
9150 Chesapeake Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (619) 268-9777
Omnet/Telemail: V.HOLLIDAY

John R. Hunter
Southwest Fisheries Center
P.O. Box 271
La Jolla, CA 92038
Phone: (619) 546-7127
Omnet/Telemail: J.HUNTER

Mark B. Huntley
A-002, Marine Biological Resources Division
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla, CA 92093
Phone: (619) 534-3417
Omnet/Telemail: M.HUNTLEY

David L. Mackas
Institute of Ocean Sciences
P.O. Box 6000
Sidney, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 356-6442
Omnet/Telemail: via IOS.BC

Donald B. Olson
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
Phone: (305) 361-4063
Omnet/Telemail: D.OLSON.RSMAS

Thomas R. Osborn *
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
The John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (301) 338-6326
Omnet/Telemail: T.OSBORN

* T. Osborn is on leave 1990-1992
Current address is:
IOC/UNESCO/7 Place de Fontenoy
75700 Paris, FRANCE
Phone: (33-1) 45-68-40-25
Omnet/Telemail: T.OSBORN

Thomas M. Powell
Division of Environmental Studies
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (916)752-1180
Omnet/Telemail: T.POWELL

Allan R. Robinson
Center for Earth and Planetary Physics
Pierce Hall
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 495-2819
Omnet/Telemail: A.ROBINSON

Brian J. Rothschild
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
University of Maryland
P.O. Box 38
Solomons, MD 20688
Phone: (301) 326-4281
Omnet/Telemail: B ROTHSCHILD

Sharon L. Smith
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Building 318
Upton, NY 11973
Phone: (516) 282-2835
Omnet/Telemail: S.SMITH.SHARON

John H. Steele
Office of the President
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: (617) 548-1400
Omnet/Telemail: J.STEELE

Leonard J. Walstad
College of Oceanography
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: (503) 737-2070
Omnet/Telemail: LWALSTAD

GLOBEC Planning Office
Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc.
Suite 800
1755 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 232-3900