The success of this workshop was enhanced by the efforts of the speakers and the chairmen of the working groups. Special thanks are due Eileen Hofmann, for her opening talk on GLOBEC's history and the objectives of the GLOBEC initiative; Mark Huntley described the developing GLOBEC component of the Atlantic program on Georges Bank and the anticipated project in the Antarctic; Mark Ohman, for his description of the science problems, ecology and the environment of the eastern Pacific; and to Sharon Smith, for her lucid description of the Arabian Sea and potential GLOBEC links to JGOFS.

Thanks are also due Ken Foote, for his overview of acoustic techniques, acoustic terminology and fisheries acoustics. Charles Greenlaw described the history and state of the art in acoustic assessment of mesopelagic animals. Doug Sameoto provided an update on the acoustic sampling of euphausiids and some interesting comments on comparison of acoustic and net sampling technologies. Van Holliday described techniques for assessing the abundance and distribution of small zooplankton. Alex Herman provided an overview of optical techniques including an excellent description of the optical particle counter. Gus Paffenhöfer contributed additional information on optical techniques with a recording of the swimming and feeding behavior of small zooplankton.

We also appreciate the invaluable participation of our colleagues who came from Canada (Doug Sameoto, Alex Herman, Yvan Simard and Len Zedel), Norway (Ken Foote) and Scotland (John Simmonds).

Lew Incze, Gordie Swartzman and Mark Ohman served as rapporteurs for the working groups and assisted the working group chairmen in the preparation of this report. We would also like to thank Chuck Greene for leading the panel discussion with Steve Brandt and Rudi Strickler on educational opportunities.

We also would like to acknowledge the assistance of Beth Irlandi (University of North Carolina) in the final editing process.

Finally, thanks to Tim Stanton, Marv Grosslein and Mark Berman for arranging the logistics of the meeting.

Travel for this meeting was provided by the National Science Foundation, Division of Ocean Sciences, Biological Oceanography (Phil Taylor) through Grant OCE9O-06957 to JOI Inc. We would like to thank the JOI staff for their efforts in making travel arrangements and in the publication of this report.