Planning for a U.S. GLOBal ocean ECosystems dynamics (U.S. GLOBEC) - related program in the North Pacific was initiated with a workshop sponsored by U.S. GLOBEC held in Seattle, Washington, April 19-21, 1995. That workshop brought together over 75 scientists; a summary of the workshop was published as U.S. GLOBEC Report 15 (U.S. GLOBEC 1996). The need for the workshop reported on in this document stemmed from the development, in October 1994, of a Science Plan for coordinated research on Climate Change and the Carrying Capacity (CCCC) by the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). Copies of the Science Plan and Implementation Plan for the PICES-GLOBEC CCCC Program are available from the PICES Secretariat, IOS, Sidney, B.C., Canada. The U.S. GLOBEC CCCC program will address how climate variability affects ecosystem structure and the productivity of key biological species at all trophic levels in the open subarctic and coastal North Pacific. The program is designed to be a U.S. contribution to a larger international research effort involving the six member nations of PICES (Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, and United States) and GLOBEC International.

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