Data Assimilation and Dissemination

Investigators must adhere to the U.S. GLOBEC policies regarding data management (U.S. GLOBEC Report 10; U.S. GLOBEC, 1994a).

Project Management

The U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is responsible for determining the broad outlines of the scientific planning of a North Pacific program, and will serve as advisors of project goals, priorities and objectives. When U.S. GLOBEC initiates studies in the North Pacific, it is recommended that a Project Management Team (PMT) be established that will provide active leadership for the scientific conduct of the U.S. GLOBEC CCCC project. The PMT for the North Pacific CCCC program will be analogous to the management team (U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Executive Committee) established in the earlier regional U.S. GLOBEC program in the Northwest Atlantic. Members of the PMT will be determined after a program is begun in the North Pacific, but at a minimum the PMT should have representatives interested in and responsible for: a) retrospective and regional comparative studies, b) modeling, c) process-oriented research and d) surveys and monitoring. It may be advantageous to have a member of the North Pacific Anadromous Fisheries Commission on the PMT as well.

One of the duties of the PMT will be to coordinate U.S. GLOBEC studies in the North Pacific with studies of other nations in the region. This could be accomplished through the PICES-GLOBEC CCCC Implementation Plan Team (IPT). If possible, a member of the U.S. GLOBEC North Pacific PMT should serve on the PICES IPT. This person will be responsible for communicating U.S. GLOBEC research objectives and coordinating research activities on the international scale.

Coordination with Other Programs

Coordination with existing national and international research efforts will be required for this project. Concerted efforts to coordinate research with NOAA programs such as the Coastal Ocean Program Regional Studies, National Marine Fisheries Service, and Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory should be a high priority. The U.S. GLOBEC PMT will be responsible for ensuring that this type of coordination occurs whenever possible.

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