Figure 9. A) Generalized mean depth and range of the six life stages of cod and haddock on Georges Bank from eggs through recently-settled juveniles. B) Growth curves of standard length for cod and haddock on Georges Bank from hatched larvae through recently-settled juveniles. Their mean prey width and range is superimposed on the growth curves for each of the larval and juvenile life stages. C) Generalized cod and haddock spawning on Georges Bank and their development through six early life history stages: (1) Egg, (2) Early Larva, 2-8 mm, (3) Late Larva, 9-13 mm, (4) Early Pelagic Juvenile, 14-29 mm, (5) Late Pelagic Juvenile, 30-49 mm, and (6) Recently-settled Juvenile, 50-69 mm. Arrows trace the population decline through stage development.