Connections between the Georges Bank Study and Other U.S. GLOBEC Programs

No one study site will be suited ideally for the study of all processes and conditions of interest to U.S. GLOBEC. Indeed, no one site can command all of the resources necessary to do so. Because the themes of physical forcing, spatial and temporal variability, population dynamics and climate change prediction will pervade all study sites, a certain amount of commonality in the site-specific programs is expected. However, each site, and the teams of investigators funded to study that site, also can be expected to focus on conditions and processes that distinguish it from other sites. This will enable the U.S. GLOBEC program to be more global in its perspecitve and its achievements. In addition to the site-specific studies, there will be numerous funded efforts to improve upon modeling techniques, instrumentation, sampling methods and biotechnology. Most proposals to study these topics will be focussed initially on a single site, but transfer of findings and developments to other studies at the earliest possible date is imperative. To maximize the accomplishments of U.S. GLOBEC within the context of multiple sites, multiple investigators and multiple research initiatives (e.g., instrument development, modeling, etc.), effective communication and coordination is needed. Thus, U.S. GLOBEC has established the U.S. GLOBEC Science Office, which will be located on the University of California - Davis campus from 1992-1995.