Chapter 5
Program Implementation

This implementation plan was developed to address the problems and questions concerning the dynamics of planktonic populations on Georges Bank and adjacent waters, as governed by the hypotheses presented above. It is recognized that there are finite resources available to support this scientific endeavor and the plan reflects the need to marshall the resources wisely. The program is envisioned to begin with start-up funding in 1993. Major field programs will be conducted in 1994, 1996, and 1998, with a different set of processes being focussed upon in each of these years. This section begins with the program goals and then provides a general discussion of the scientific and logistic elements associated with major components which are viewed as essential to the success of the program. A schedule which reflects the temporal relationships of the components and the major events concludes this section.

  1. Major Components of the Georges Bank Study

    1. Program Objectives

  2. Experimental Program

    1. Broad-scale Studies

      • Shipboard Surveys (1994 - 1998)
      • Physical/Biological Moorings (1994-1998)
      • Satellite Surveys (1994-1998)

    2. Fine-scale Process Studies

      • Vertical Mixing and Stratification (1994)
      • Study of Source/Retention/Exchange of Plankton (1996)
      • Cross-Frontal Exchange (1998)
      • Population/Cohort Studies of Target Species (1994-1998)

    3. Modeling and Historical Data Analysis

      • Theory and Modeling
      • Historical Data Sets

  3. Methodology and instrumentation needs and development

  4. Schedule

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