This report was developed largely by an Implementation Team in early 1992 (in alphabetical order - R. Beardsley, A. Bucklin, C. Davis, L. Incze, J. Irish, G. Lough, D. Mountain, and P. Wiebe) and is based on extensive prior discussions by larger groups of U.S. and Canadian scientists at meetings held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in June 1990 (GLOBEC, 1991c) and Cambridge, MA in July 1991. Useful input and review of early drafts of this report was provided by: G. Gawarkiewicz, M. Huntley, G. Paffenhöfer, T. Powell, C. Peterson, W. Peterson, and S. Smith and by the U.S. GLOBEC Steering Committee. The final draft was reviewed externally by K. Frank, M. Grosslein, P. LeBlond, J. Loder, W. Michaels, D. Olson, I. Perry, P. Shelton, and K. Thomson, and three additional anonomous reviewers. The final version was edited by W. Peterson, F. Schwing, and the Implementation Team. The U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee gratefully acknowledges all of these significant contributions.