Appendix B. U.S. GLOBEC Publications

Theory and Modeling in GLOBEC: A First Step. February 1991. 9 pp.

Initial Science Plan. February 1991. Report Number 1. 93 pp.

GLOBEC: Northwest Atlantic Program. GLOBEC Canada/U.S. Meeting on N.W. Atlantic Fisheries and Climate. February 1991. Report Number 2. 93 pp.

GLOBEC Workshop on Biotechnology Applications to Field Studies of Zooplankton. February 1991. Report Number 3. 29 pp.

GLOBEC Workshop on Acoustical Technology and the Integration of Acoustical and Optical Sampling Methods. September 1991. Report Number 4.

GLOBEC: Southern Ocean Program. GLOBEC Workshop on Southern Ocean Marine Animal Populations and Climate Change. November 1991. Report Number 5. 150 pp.

Northwest Atlantic Implementation Plan. June 1992. Report Number 6. 69 pp.

Eastern Boundary Current Program: Report on Climate Change and the California Current Ecosystem. September 1992. Report Number 7. 99 pp.

Optics Technology Workshop Report. March 1993. Report Number 8. 18 pp.

Implementation Plan and Workshop Report for U.S. GLOBEC Studies in the Arabian Sea. May 1993. Report Number 9. 105 pp.

U.S. GLOBEC Data Policy. February 1994. Report Number 10. 12 pp.

Eastern Boundary Current Program: A Science Plan for the California Current. August 1994. Report Number 11. 134 pp.

Copies of these reports are available from:

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