Organization and Function of the Steering Committee

The initial GLOBEC steering committee was comprised of thirteen members. This set of thirteen served for two years until January 1991 with only one change in membership. Dr. Cheryl Ann Butman of Woods Hole left in July 1989 and Dr. Donald B. Olson joined the committee shortly thereafter. Beginning in January 1991, and recurring at the start of each subsequent year, the terms of approximately one third of the members of the steering committee will expire. Those members whose terms are expiring can stand for possible reappointment for a subsequent three-year term, but in addition nominations from the community will be sought to fill the areas of expertise identified as required by the steering committee. From those newly nominated and those willing to continue service on the steering committee, the new set of appointments will be made.

As of January 1991, terms of four steering committee members have expired. Michael Sissenwine, Jonathan Roughgarden, James Price, and Bruce Frost are leaving the steering committee. Seven new appointments have been made, not only to replace those four but also to provide additional help and expertise as the planning becomes more focused and evolves towards implementation needs. Joining the steering committee for three-year terms on January 1, 1991 are Allan Robinson of Harvard, James Eckman of Skidaway, John Hunter of NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Center, Dennis Hedgecock of UC-Davis and Bodega, Leonard Walstad of Oregon State, Sharon Smith of Brookhaven, and John Steele of Woods Hole. As future needs for expertise on the steering committee become apparent, further evolution of membership will occur.

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