Table 8. Summary of potential physical influence on major invertebrate populations.

SpeciesAuthorProposed mechanismPhysical co-variateResponse variable
Dungeness crab Johnson et al. 1986Transport, settlementWind stressCatch
Wild 1980Egg devel. & hatching successTemperatureCatch, hatch succ.
McConnaughey et al. 1992Larval transport & SettlementGeostrophic transportSettlement & catch
Hobbs et al. 1992Larval transportEkman transportLarval Dist.&abun.
Love and Westphal 1981NoneSun spotsCatch
Wing et. al. (in press)Alongshore transportWind, temperature, sea levelSettlement rate
Pandalid ShrimpHannah 1993Transport to nursery groundsSpring transition, upwelling, sea level, temperatureRecruitment
Sea urchin Ebert and Russell 1988Settlement successTurbulence, upwelling, transportSettlement
Wing et al. (in press)Larval transportWind, temperature, sea levelSettlement rate
Common barnacleGaines et al. 1985Settlement successUpwelling, transportRecruitment
Roughgarden et al. 1988Settlement successUpwelling, transportDistribution
Roughgarden et al. 1991Settlement successUpwelling, transportRecruitment
Farrell et al. 1991 Turbulence, upwelling, transport, fronts Settlement

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