Table 7. Summary of potential influences of physical change on major fish populations of the California Current.

SpeciesAuthorProcess InfluencedPhysical Co-VariateResponse Variable
Dover soleHayman and Tyler 1980Prey availability, transportVertical velocity, windRecruitment
English soleKruse and Tyler 1989Larval advection, prey availabilityTemperatureRecruitment
Kruse and Tyler 1983Spawn period, gonadal developmentTemperatureSpawn time
Hayman and Tyler 1980Delayed spawning, egg condition, larval transportStorm frequency, wind speed, sea level, temperatureRecruitment
Botsford et al. 1989Prey availabilityProductivityRecruit., distrib.
Forrester 1977Egg viabilityTemperatureHatch success
Ketchen 1956Growth & larval transportTemperatureRecruitment
Flathead soleAlderdice and Forrester 1974Egg distribution and survivalTemperatureEgg condition
Ketchen and Forrester 1966Larval transportTemperatureRecruitment
Pacific halibutParker 1989Larval transportWindRecruitment
Petrale soleAlderdice and Forrester 1971Incubation, hatching successTemperature and salinityEgg condition
Forrester 1977Growth, settling time, prey conc.TemperatureEgg cond., size
Rock soleFargo and McKinnell 1989No proposed mechanismTemperatureRecruitment
Forrester 1977Incubation, larval retentionTemperature, transportRecruitment
Pacific codTyler & Westrheim 1986Larval transportTransport and temperatureRecruitment
Tyler and Crawford 1991Larval transportTransportRecruitment
SablefishMcFarlane & Beamish 1986Prey concentrationsTransport and temperatureRecruitment
McFarlane & Beamish 1992Prey concentrationsAleutian low, circulationRecruitment, weight
Widow RockfishNorton 1987Larval transportAdvection, circulation, Aleutian lowRecruitment
Salmon-coho Nickelson 1986Growth rate, predationUpwelling, temperatureSmolt survival
Pearcy 1992Prey availability, predationUpwelling, Aleutian lowSurvival, catch
Salmon-chinookPearcy et al. 1985PredationUpwelling, temperatureSurvival index
Kope and Botsford 1990NoneENSO, upwelling, temperatureCatch
Johnson 1988Prey availabilityENSOAdult weight
Salmon-sockeyeMysak 1986Migratory pathwayENSOMigratory path
Thomson et al. 1992Migratory pathwayWind driven current Migratory path
Xie and Hsieh 1989Migratory pathwayTempeature, river dischargeMigratory path
Beamish and Bouillon (1993)Prey avialabilityAleutian low, circulationCatch
Jack mackerelZwiefel and Lasker 1976Incubation period, growthTemperatureEgg condition
Theilacker 1986Starvation, predationProductivityLarval condition
Hewitt et al. 1985Starvation, predationProductivityLarval condition
Northern anchovy Lasker 1975, 1981Prey concentrationTurbulenceFeeding success
Peterman & Bradford 1987Prey concentrationTurbulenceRecruitment
Husby and Nelson 1982Transport & prey concentrationsTurbulence, upwelling, thermoclineDistribution
Power 1986Larval transportUpwellingDistribution
Fiedler 1984Spawning rangeENSODistribution
Zweifel and Lasker 1976Incubation period, growthTemperatureEgg condition
Methot 1986Maturity scheduleTemperaturePercent mature
Pacific hakeBailey 1981Larval transportUpwelling, temperatureDistr. & recruit.
Zwiefel and Lasker 1976Incubation period, growthTemperatureEgg condition
Bailey and Francis 1985Transport, growth, spawn. locationUpwelling, temperatureRecruitment
Hollowed and Bailey 1989Transport, growth, prey conc.Upwelling, spring transitionRecruitment
Pacific herringPearcy 1983Prey concentrationStorms, freshets, ENSORecruitment
Alderdice & Hourston 1985Embryonic respiration, salinity toleranceTemperature, salinityEgg & larval cond.
Stocker et. al. 1985Physiology, prey concentrationTemperature, river dischargeRecruitment
Schweigert & Noakes 1991Larval transportEkman transport, upwellingRecruitment
Tanasichuk & Ware 1987Change in spawning potentialTemperatureFecundity
Reilly 1988GrowthENSOSize
Ware 1992Growth, food supply, predationUpwelling, temperatureCatch, Survial rate
Pacific mackerelSinclair et. al. 1985Larval transportENSO, temperatureRecruitment
Parrish and MacCall 1978Prey conc., predation, distributionTemperature, upwelling, wind stressSpawning success
Prager and MacCall 1993Spawning successUpwelling, sea level, temp., rainfallEgg condition
Pacific sardineZwiefel and Lasker 1976Change in duration of incuabtionTemperatureRecruitment
Bakun and Parrish 1980Prey concentrationUpwelling, wind stress curlDistribution
Lluch-Belda et al. 1991Spawning distribution, abundanceUpwelling, temperatureRecruitment
Ware and Thompson 1991Prey availabilityUpwellingCatch
Bluefin tunaMysak 1986Migratory pathwayENSODistribution

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