Table 2. Maximum length, maximum depth, location, life zone, primary region inhabited in CCS, and species range of the common rockfish species found in region I or II of the CCS.

SpeciesCommon nameMaximum Length (cm)Adult Depth (m)Primary Life Zone InhabitedRegionRange
Sebastes aleutianusRougeye rockfish97100-300Mid-shelf - meso-benthal IEBP
S. alutusPacific ocean perch51100-300Outer shelf - meso-benthalIK-A
S. auroraAurora rockfish39300-500Outer shelf - mesobenthalIO-SD
S. babcockiRedbanded rockfish64150-350Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. borealisShortraker rockfish105250-450Mid-shelf - bathybenthalIEBP
S. brevispinusSilvergrey rockfish7100-300Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. caurinusCopper rockfish5510-50Inner shelfI-IIO
S. ciliatusDusky rockfish41100-300Outer shelf - mesobenthalIA
S. crameriDarkblotched rockfish57100-200Mid-shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. diploproaSplitnose rockfish46200-400Outer shelf - mesobenthalI-IIETP
S. elongatusGreenstriped rockfish38150-250Mid-shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. emphaeusPuget sound rockfish180-100Inner shelfIO
S. entomelasWidow rockfish60100-250Mid-shelf - mesobenthalIO-EBP
S. flavidusYellowtail rockfish66100-200Mid-shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. helvomaculatusRosethorn rockfish41150-300Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. maligerQuillback rockfish6110-100Inner shelfI-IIO-EPB
S. melanopsBlack rockfish6010-100Inner shelfIEPB
S. nebulosusChina rockfish4310-75Inner shelfIO
S. nigrocinctusTiger rockfish6175-200Mid-shelfI-IIO
S. paucispinisBocaccio91100-250Mid-shelf - mesobenthalI-IIO-SD
S. pinnigerCanary rockfish76100-200Mid shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. polyspinusNorthern rockfish4050-200Mid shelf - mesobenthalIA
S. prorigerRedstripe rockfish51100-250Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. reediYellowmouth rockfish54150-375Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP
S. ruberrimusYelloweye rockfish91100-250Mid-shelf - mesobenthalIO-EBP
S. varigatusHarlequin rockfish32150-250Mid-shelf - mesobenthal IA
S. wilsoniPygmy rockfish2150-150Inner shelfI-IIO
S. zacentrusSharpchin rockfish33150-250Outer shelf - mesobenthalIEBP

Provinces: A--Aleutian; EBP--Eastern Boreal Pacific; ETP--Eastern Tropical Pacific; K--Kurile Islands; O--Oregonian; SD--San Diegan

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