Table 1. Hypothesized physical changes in the CCS under a global warming scenario.

No.Physical ProcessHypothesized Change
1Intensity of west wind driftDecrease
2Location of west wind driftShifts further north
3Freshwater inputIncrease in region I, decrease elsewhere
4Coastal wind stressIncr. summer, no change - decr. winter
5Mean sea surface temperatureIncrease in all months
7Mean transport of CCSDecrease
8Alongshore transport upwelling jetsIncrease
9Turbulent mixingIncr. summer, no change - decr. winter
10Transport in eddies and meandersIncrease
11Offshore transportIncrease
12Vertical transport (upwelling)Increase
13Mixed layer depthUnknown
14Winter storm frequencyFewer
15Winter storm intensityLess intense
16Timing of spring transitionUnknown

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