Authors and Acknowledgments

This is a report of the GLOBEC workshop on eastern boundary currents and climate change with focus on a field program on the California Current ecosystem. The workshop was held at Bodega Marine Laboratory of the University of California on September 17-20, 1991. The organizing committee for the meeting was: John Hunter, David Mackas, Dennis Hedgecock, and Ted Strub.

The editorial committee for the workshop was: David Mackas, Ted Strub, and John Hunter.


We thank the staff of the Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML), and in particular Dennis Hedgecock and James Clegg, BML director, for providing the venue of this workshop. Very special and individual thanks go to Vicki Milam of BML for her many on-site efforts to organize facilities and schedules, and to Diane Foster of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center for compiling the ever-volatile list of attendees and the subsequent iterations of the workshop report. We also thank Julie Olfe of La Jolla for technical editing of the final report, and Ron Tipper and Allison Burns of the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for their advice and help with meeting and report preparation. Mark Ohman and Jake Rice ensonified the meeting with their version and rendition of "The Jets Song: West Side Story." Lyrics (they're good) are available on request from the workshop cochairs.