Table 5. Physical models of the Bering Sea.
Domain:GlobalNP and Bering Sea
 Semtner and Chervin (1992)
Smith, Dukowicz and Malone (LANL)
Yamanaka and Kitamura (Met.Res.Inst.,JMA)
Overland et al. (1994)
Han and Galt (1979)
Hedstrom and Haidvogel (Rutgers)
Ingraham and Miyahara (1988)
Hurlburt et al. (1992)
Haidvogel et al. (Rutgers)
Yoshioka and Yoon (1992)
Domain:QGERPE and other
 Overland and Roach (1987)
Spaulding et al. (1987)
Spaulding (1988)
Shuert and Walsh (1992)
Nihoul et al. (1989)
Nihoul et al. (1993)
Liu and Leendertse (1990)
Walsh and McRoy ((1986)
Overland (PMEL)
Hermann et al. (UW)
 Overland and Pease (1988)
Pease (PMEL)
Kantha and Mellor (1989)
Brasseur (1991)
Nihoul et al. (1993)
Brasseur and Haus (1991)
Abbreviations: JMA--Japanese Meteorological Agency; LANL--Los Alamos National Laboratory; PMEL--Pacific Marine Environmental Lab.; UW--University of Washington