Table 2. Hypothesized physical changes in the Bering Sea under a global warming scenario.
Physical ProcessHypothesized Change
I. Atmosphere
Surface air temperaturesIncrease
Storm intensitiesDecrease
Storm frequenciesIncrease
Sea level pressureDecrease in N. Bering
Southerly windIncrease
Fresh water runoffIncrease
II. Circulation and Transports
Alaskan StreamProbable decrease
Near Strait InflowDecrease
Bering Slope CurrentDecrease
Kamchatka CurrentDecrease
Bering Strait OutflowUnknown, competing effects
Unimak Pass inflowUnknown
Shelf coastal currentUnknown
III. Hydrography
Sea levelIncrease
Sea surface temperatureIncrease
Shelf bottom temperatureIncrease
Basin stratificationIncrease
Shelf stratificationUnknown, competing effects
Mixing energyDecrease
Eddy activityUnknown
Shelf break nutrient supplyDecrease
IV. Sea Ice
Brine rejectionDecrease