Table 1. Hypothesized physical changes in the Subarctic Pacific under a global warming scenario.

Physical ProcessHypothesized Change
Wind Stress CurlDecreases, northward shift
Poleward Transport Position of subarctic bifurcation moves north; changes in transport unknown
Coastal wind stressDecreases, esp. winter
Coastal downwellingDecreases, esp. winter
Coastal precipitationIncreases
Freshwater inputIncreases; maximum shifts toward winter
Coastal current transport (ACC)Decreases
StratificationIncreases in central gulf and in coastal region
Upwelling, central Gulf of AKDecreases
Eddies and meandersUnknown
Mixed layer depthDecreases
Cross shelf transportDecreases
Winter storms intensityDecreases
Winter storm frequencyUnknown
Timing of spring bloomUnknown; may be later due to lower temperatures, or earlier due to decreased cloudiness affecting solar timing.