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U.S. GLOBEC. 1996. Report on Climate Change and Carrying Capacity of the North Pacific Ecosystem. U.S. GLOBEC Report No. 15. University of California, Berkeley, CA, 95 pp.

This is a report of the U.S. GLOBEC Workshop on the Climate Change and Carrying Capacity of the North Pacific Ecosystem held at the Batelle Conference Center in Seattle, WA, USA, from 19-20 April 1995. Anne Hollowed and Art Kendall co-chaired the workshop. The workshop report was edited by Anne Hollowed. The following people made a significant contribution by making a presentation at the meeting, preparing text for the background document used in preparation for the meeting, or in preparing text for the workshop report.

Hal Batchelder, Richard Brodeur, Nick Bond, E.D. Cokelet, Dan Costa, Robert DeLong, Robert Francis, Scott Hatch, Al Hermann, Anne Hollowed, Art Kendall, Thomas Loughlin, Bernard Megrey, Jeff Napp, Jim Overland, William Pearcy, Tom Powell, Ron Reed, Tom Royer, James Schumacher, Alan Springer, Phyllis Stabeno, Ted Strub, Warren Wooster

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