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  1. Contribution Number: 46  Edit/Update
    Authors: Flierl, G.F. and C. S. Davis
    Title: Reduction of complexity in coupled biological-physical models
    Journal: Journal of Marine Research
    Status: In Press
    Contact Email:
  2. Contribution Number: 277  Edit/Update
  3. Contribution Number: 429  Edit/Update
    Authors: Rodionov, S.N.,J.E. Overland and N.A. Bond
    Title: The Aleutian Low and Winter Climatic Conditions in the Bering Sea. Part I: Classification
    Journal: Journal of Climate
    Volume: 18     Pages: 160-177
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:,
  4. Contribution Number: 430  Edit/Update
    Authors: Rodionov, S.N., J.E. Overland and N.A. Bond
    Title: Spatial and temporal variability of the Aleutian climate
    Journal: Fisheries Oceanography
    Volume: 14     Pages: 3-21
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:,
  5. Contribution Number: 441  Edit/Update
    Authors: Hinrich, B.
    Title: Public Outreach for Oceanographic Research: A Case Study of the U.S. GLOBEC Program
    Type: Other
    Publication/Issue Title: Honors College Thesis, Oregon State University
    Pages: 52 pp.
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  6. Contribution Number: 443  Edit/Update
    Authors: Sutor, M.
    Title: Vertical Distribution Patterns of Plankton and their Relationship to Physical Factors over the Oregon Continental Shelf
    Type: Dissertation
    Publication/Issue Title: Ph.D. thesis, Oregon State University
    Status: In Press
  7. Contribution Number: 488  Edit/Update
    Authors: Runge, J.A., P.J.S. Franks, W.C. Gentleman, B.A. Megrey, K.A. Rose, F.E. Werner and B. Zakardjian
    Title: Diagnosis and prediction of variability in secondary production and fish recruitment processes: developments in physical-biological modelling
    Type: Chapter
    Publication/Issue Title: In the Sea, TheGlobal Coastal Ocean: Multi-Scale Interdisciplinary Processes, The Sea Harvard University Press (Robinson AR, Brink KH, editors)
    Volume: 13     Pages: 413-473
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  8. Contribution Number: 495  Edit/Update
    Authors: Mackas, D. L., A. Thomas, P. T. Strub, and V. Montecino
    Title: Eastern ocean boundaries - pan regional overview
    Publication/Issue Title: The Global Coastal Ocean: Interdisciplinary Regional Studies and Syntheses. The Sea Harvard University Press., Chapter 2
    Volume: 14
  9. Contribution Number: 498  Edit/Update
    Authors: Ju,S.J., H.R. Harvey, H.C. Shin, Y. Kim and S.H. Kang
    Title: A morphological approach to evaluate body shrinkage as a overwintering mechanism for Antarctic Krill
    Journal: Korean Journal of Ocean and Polar Research
    Publication/Issue Title: (English subtitles)
    Status: Published
  10. Contribution Number: 9  Edit/Update
    Authors: Lynch, D.R. and C.E. Naimie
    Date: 1993
    Title: The M2 tide and its residual on the outer banks of the Gulf of Maine
    Journal: Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO)
    Publication/Issue Title: October Issue
    Volume: 23 (10)     Pages: 2222-2253
    Status: Published

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