Georges Bank Numerical Modelling

Principal InvestigatorsProject Title
Dan Lynch (Dartmouth) Francisco Werner (UNC) Mike Sinclair, Peter Smith, David Greenberg, John Loder (BIO), Ian Perry (DFO/Nanaimo), Fred Page (DFO/St. Andrews), Greg Lough (NMFS/Woods Hole), Wallace Smith (NMFS/Sandy Hook) Importance of physical and biological processes to population regulation of cod and haddock on Georges Bank: a model-based study
Glen Gawarkiewicz, David Chapman, Cabell Davis, Changsheng Chen (WHOI), Don Olson (U.Miami), Peter Franks (Scripps), Glen Flierl (MIT) Modelling studies of coupled physical/biological processes affecting recruitment on Georges Bank
Benoit Cushman-Roisin (Dartmouth) Numerical investigations of currents on Georges Bank

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