Georges Bank Broad Scale Survey Projects

Principal InvestigatorsProject Title
Peter Wiebe (WHOI), Dave Mountain, John Green (NMFS/Woods Hole), Wallace Smith, Peter Berrien, Michael Fahay, Wallace Morse (NMFS/Sandy Hook) Ichthyoplankton and zooplankton in the Georges Bank region: distribution, abundance, life history characteristics of zooplankton and larval fish in relation to hydrography, and ecological and climatic factors
Charles Miller (OSU) Copepod population biology on Georges Bank
Pamela Blades-Eckelbarger (U.Maine), Nancy Marcus (FSU) Investigations of environmental cues and physiological processes that regulate diapause in Calanus finmarchicus
Peter Wiebe, Tim Stanton (WHOI), Charles Greene (Cornell) Broad-scale and time-series acoustic measurements of zooplankton and nekton in the Georges Bank region
Larry Madin, Steve Bollens (WHOI), Barbara Sullivan, Grace Klein-MacPhee (URI), Marv Grosslein,Mike Fogarty(NMFS/Woods Hole) Effects of predation by fish and invertebrates on target species of fish and copepods on Georges Bank
Ann Bucklin, Wendell Brown (UNH) Biological and physical evidence of source regions and transport patterns of zooplankton on Georges Bank

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