Georges Bank Stratification Processes (Physical and Biological) Projects

Principal InvestigatorsProject Title
Bob Beardsley, Julio Candela, Jim Churchill, Cabell Davis, Scott Gallager, Steve Lentz, Bob Weller, Albert Williams (WHOI) Dave Mountain, Greg Lough, Jim Manning, George Bolz (NMFS/Woods Hole) Mark Berman, John Green (NMFS/Narr) Lewis Incze (BLOS) Neil Oakey (BIO/Nova Scotia) Dave Hebert (URI) Charlie Flagg (BNL) Brad Butman (USGS) Seasonal development of stratified water on Georges Bank: dynamics of zooplankton and larval fish
Ted Durbin, Ann Durbin (URI) Jeff Runge (IML/Quebec) Recruitment and production rates of Calanus finmarchicus and Pseudocalanus on Georges Bank
Dian Gifford (URI) Mike Sieracki (BLOS) Scott Gallager (WHOI) Phytoplankton and protozoa in the diets of copepods and larval cod on Georges Bank
John Stegeman, Michael Moore (WHOI) Analysis of short-term growth in copepods and larval fish using molecular markers of cell proliferation

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