Figure 3. Distributions of Calanus and surface (2m) salinity in 1988 (left) and 1989 (right) relative to the 100 m isobath. Water column abundances (number m-2) of total Calanus (C3 and older stages) are shown as shaded areas, with symbols showing locations of peak abundances. Dotted shading represents Calanus abundances from 100,000-200,000 m-2; line shading represents abundances from 200,000-300,000 m-2. Small dots show the hydrographic locations used to contour salinity. (K. F. Wishner, J. R. Shoenherr, R. Beardsley and C. Chen, "Spatial and temporal variability of copepod abundance and popualtion structure in a springtime right whale feeding area in the northern Great South Channel region of the western Gulf of Maine", Cont. Shelf Res., submitted).