U.S. GLOBEC Scientist Honored by NOAA

At U.S. GLOBEC, we've always known that Dr. Peter Wiebe is someone special. Now you know it, too. Our congratulations to one of NOAA's Earth Day heroes !!

Dr. Peter Wiebe .... (photo courtesy Dr. M.C. Benfield, LSU)

Dr. Wiebe, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, holds the Adams Chair for Excellence in Oceanography, and is among the 1999 Earth Day Heroes cited by NOAA's National Ocean Service for his "tireless efforts to preserve and protect the nation's environment." NOAA's Dr. Elizabeth Turner shared some insight into Wiebe's character when she announced his award to the U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee in Washington, D.C. during the committee's April, 1999 meeting. Turner spoke of the phone conversation in which she first told Wiebe of his award. Always gracious and generous of spirit, the scientist's immediate response to the announcement was to ask Turner what he could do to thank NOAA for the recognition. To which Turner replied, "No, Peter, you have it turned around. This is NOAA's way of thanking you" ....

In honoring Dr. Wiebe, the NOAA nominating committee noted his many accomplishments over his long career ..... "Dr. Peter Wiebe, of [the] Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, has been instrumental in the success of the U.S. GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics) program, a joint NOAA-NSF program that supports research into the fisheries ecosystem on Georges Bank. The stated goal of GLOBEC is to understand the physical and biological processes controlling the abundance of marine animals in time and space. This research program provides vital information on the entire oceanic ecosystem that supports cod and haddock on Georges Bank."

Dr. Peter Wiebe at sea (Feb. 1998) tending to one of WHOI's MOCNESS (Multiple Opening / Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System) devices .... (photo courtesy Dr. M.C. Benfield, LSU)

"From the beginning of the field program on Georges Bank in 1994, Wiebe has donated his time, talents, and considerable energies as chair of the Georges Bank Executive Committee. He has coordinated scientists, science projects, and cruise schedules; overseen data management and integration of research results; convened workshops to disseminate research findings; promoted GLOBEC in local, regional, and national venues; and represented the GLOBEC Georges Bank program at international meetings. He has also been instrumental in a pilot program to involve local fishermen as full partners in the collection of oceanographic data to support fisheries research (see Nature 386: 108, 13 March 1997). His own research program has led to significant advances in technology development for tracking zooplankton distribution and abundances. While participating in the program as an active scientist, Peter has consistently advocated a path that was for the greatest good of the entire program, even if his individual research project would suffer. He has wrestled with budgetary shortfalls and logistic problems, and responded with a good-humored enthusiasm that exemplifies his can-do attitude. He has earned the highest level of respect and admiration from his peers and collaborators ...."

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