US GLOBEC Young Investigators Workshops

In June of 2000, Carl Wunch and Dale Haidvogel(Rutgers) ran a workshop for 25 new Ph.D. recipients. About a third of these were international participants. This workshop was intended to bring new researchers into the WOCE progam synthesis phase by exposing them to WOCE models, datasets and estimation procedures. The three-week workshop was run out of UCAR and supported by a team of eight faculty. Approximately 60% of the time was spent in class. Workstations and data were provided onsite.

Dale suggested US GLOBEC conduct a similar workshop. The SSC felt this to be a very worthwhile undertaking and suggested a format similar to Zack Powell and John Steele's Cornell Workshops in theoretical ecology. US GLOBEC is planning an initial workshop for the Summer of 2003 with a possible follow-up a couple of years later. Forward bio-physical modeling, data assimilation and synthesis should be the topics. The current target audience will be recent Ph.D.s. However, attendance should be flexible enough to allow more senior scientists the opportunity take part. Dale believes the cost of the project will be approximately $175K. Zack, Dale, Eileen and Ted will lead this effort. Georges Bank data may be the most suitable for use.