US GLOBEC Oceanography Issue

The US GLOBEC Program is preparing to produce a complete issue of Oceanography. The total document will number 76 pages. There will be a section for each of the US GLOBEC projects and short boxed articles highlighting particularly interesting new findings or techniques. The length of each Project section will be 8-10 printed pages. There may be some room for page number adjustments, but not very much. Oceanography allows color figures and the Program should expect to produce approximately five high quality full color figures per article. The total base cost is approximately $33K. Charges increase at a rate of $1000 per page beyond the 76 page limit. Printing will be about 2000 copies for readers and perhaps 500 additional copies for US GLOBEC usage. The additional copies cost approximately $1000. Eileen will lead the Southern Ocean section, Peter will lead the Georges Bank/NWA section and Tim Wiengartner will lead the Northeast Pacific section. Reviewers will be drawn from noncontributing members of the US GLOBEC Program.

The US JGOFS issue has recently been published.

The timeline for the US GLOBEC Oceanography is: