NSF Visit

Jim Yoder visited the meeting to discuss NSF funding and potential avenues of support for the Northeast Pacific mesoscale survey component. NSF is receiving funds in directed areas such as biocomplexity, information technology and mathematics (focused on improving competency). Because of these directed areas, core programs saw a 4% increase in funding during the fiscal year ending September 30 while the agency as a whole saw a 17-18% increase.

This year NSF should experience level funding. Congress has indicated that a 10% increase is likely. However, this has not been approved due to September 11 and all agencies have been warned of a 5-10% cut in funding.

Longer term funding prospects are uncertain. Ecosystem based management is something the Ocean Science Board will consider in nine upcoming regional meetings. Rita Colwell will give a ten minute presentation before the OSB and we should attempt to get something from GLOBEC into this presentation. Perhaps a half to full page highlighting US GLOBEC activities and the potential benefits of this work. We are involved in basic research which has significant management applications.

Rita Colwell's presentation will also involve a write up, which should have a number of appendices. US GLOBEC should contribute with a more extensive written letter to appear in the appendix. The melding of NOAA and academics in research is important to ecosystem management (the OSB?) and should be mentioned. We should make every effort to place GLOBEC work in a position where it will serve as a highlight for the OSB. (Ocean Commission?)

Terrorism is dominating the media and will continue to do so for sometime, perhaps to the exclusion of all else. Science budgets may suffer in the future. Ship safety (research cruises) is an issue right now. Questions such as, "Will insurance cover a vessel in the Arabian Sea and what will it cost?" are now very serious issues. NSF must begin to move toward work in homeland defense and antiterrorism. All programs should begin to think about potential roles of oceanography in this national effort.

Mike Fogarty discussed the need for the mesoscale survey in the Northeast Pacific Program. Successful completion the project within US GLOBEC may hinge on this survey. Mike asked if it were possible to reconstitute the research plan to call for proposals for mesoscale studies. Could NSF and NOAA jointly fund a mesoscale project for the NEP? Program managers within NOAA can advocate for additional funds for their projects but it is difficult.

Money in FY 2002? OSB money in 2004 and 2005.

End of 2002 and 2003 (Process work).

OSB money in 2004 and 2005.