GeoZui3D Software and US GLOBEC Data Management Updates

Skip Little of WHOI demonstrated GeoZui3D, a data visualization product developed at the University of New Hampshire.This software is being developed for oceanographic data and currently has the capability of displaying bathymetric, acoustic and several other commonly collected data types. The software is designed to handle very dense data, such as acoustic backscatter, and takes advantage of current higher end pc graphics boards. The product is currently a prototype and is available freely on the web. The authors of this software hope that the oceanographic community will it and make suggestions as to improvements. One of the main limitations is the restricted number of graphics boards on which the software is known to run successfully. However, the situation is improving.

Skip also demonstrated a number of Matlab utilities he wrote for the project which make it possible to download information from the US GLOBEC data management system, preview it graphically and then output it in a GeoZui3D readable format. These utilities are also quite useful for quick looks at data served from the data management system

Following the SSC Meeting, a second meeting was held to help chart next steps for GeoZui3D development. Minutes of that meeting are available here.

Bob Groman provided an overview of the GLOBEC data management system. This system now serves data from the Southern Ocean, Northeast Pacific and NW Atlantic/Georges Bank Programs. All data is being served in a standard way so moving from region to region will be consistent. A new server for the program office is being installed and should be online in the next few months.